About PDA

Progressive Derby Apparel was founded in 2009 when Kalamity Kim, tired of not being able to find derby clothes that looked good and lasted through the rough game that is roller derby decided to put her fashion background to use by starting her own athletic roller derby clothing company.

PDA strives to make clothes that follow the three “F’s”; Functionality, Fashion and Flair, because we really give an F. All apparel and uniforms are bout tested and skater approved. Clothing that is made to fit a roller derby girl’s body while standing up to the repeated stress of playing, practicing and washing that comes with the sport. Once you leave the track we have quality items to wear in your non derby life too! All of our products are handmade in the USA.

Kalamity Kim!

Kimberly Carlson – Kalamity Kim #K69 Founder and Creative Director

Southern California born and raised, Kalamity attended school for a degree in Apparel Manufacturing Management. After graduating and while working at a high end shoe company she was looking for an outlet and found roller derby in 2008. Kalamity has been skating as a blocker with the OC Rollergirls on their travel team ever since. Once she joined the roller derby “cult” she decided to start her own derby company so she can do things she really loves, skate and design fashion. She loves glitter, coffee and trashy celebrity gossip. You can see Kalamity all over California at any number of derby events skating her booty off; if you’re really lucky you might catch napping behind her booth while Hook’er takes pictures.

Captain Hook'er

Amber Greenburg – Captain Hook’er #M8T Marketing and Public Relations Liaison

An Arizona transplant to Southern California for school, Hook’er moved to Southern California to follow a lifelong dream of fashion. She attended school for Apparel Manufacturing Management, unaware that a few short years later she would meet someone with the same background looking for someone to do some extra sewing before Rollercon. That led to Kalamity and Hook’er starting a partnership to take PDA to the next level. Hook’er started skating with OC Rollergirls in the beginning of 2011 and quickly became what is known as a “derby lifer”. She loves art supplies, Mary of Guadalupe statues and going on adventures. You will probably hear some announcer snickering over saying her name out loud before you see her on the jammer line at the next derby event near you or in line the next time Conan O’Brien makes an appearance.

If you see our booth stop by and say hi!


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