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aaahhhh its the beginning of summer!

I’m super excited for summer this year. Last year the summer was a time of changes for me and it was when my Derby career really got started. I can only hope this year will be better!

This summer will mean:

  • Beach skates
  • Battle on the Bank (my first time playing)
  • Going to see my first Renagade game
  • Work like crazy
  • Make art for fun
  • Practicing Hard
  • Team building shennaningans
  • RollerCon!!!! (Don’t forget to get your challenge bout shirt with the rollercon logo)
  • Random Day trips to go to bouts and training camps

I can’t wait for all of these things but first things first:

MEMORIAL DAY! Time to celebrate everything our military men and women have done for us. Be sure to thank the troops in your life.

It is also time to check a few things off the summer check list: I’m going to see my first Renegade game tonight. I think its important to see all types of derby out there, including renegade.

Tomorrow is a scrimmage against our friends at LA Derby Dolls and San Fernando Valley Roller Girls. Then I’m off on a day trip with STLJ north of LA.

While all of this craziness is going on Progressive Derby Apparel has a sale going on! We are offering 15% off all merchandise on the website with code “REMEMBER” today through Monday, May 28th. The sale excludes RollerCon challenge bout merchandise. Everything else is on sale!! WOOT WOOT!


Whatever your weekend has in store for you. Be safe and pick up a pair of superhero shorts. They give you magical powers, or so I heard.


Captain Hook’er