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Its true. I love to shop. I love to shop for shoes, furniture, dresses, craft supplies, fabric, groceries, derby gear, other people, pets, you name it I like to buy stuff for it.  Vending at events helps make this easy, even if I don’t NEED anything but I WANT to buy something.

This weekend we were at Battle for the Coast in Ventura. Like any other tournament, there were vendors, people I can buy things from!!! The problem is I don’t really need anything…

But my wristguards are pretty ripped up, and I hate how they always manage to smell worse than anything else in my bag (why is this?). I also am always interested in knee pads, once you’ve had knee problems/surgery once you will always be a little sensitive to them.

I am coming to you looking for personal reviews/thoughts/opinions on a couple of things I have been looking at and decided to inspect a little closer while in Ventura.

Triple Eight RD Wristsavers

These wristguard were released earlier this year. I am interested in them because I manage to always rip the mesh on my triple 8 wristguards within a few weeks of having them, these are not mesh on the side so hopefully that won’t happen with these. There is also a wide spoon on the palm area, that sounds like it protects better. Does it?

Atom Gear Elite Knee Pad 2.0


These are the Atom Elite knee pads 2.0. I was pretty excited, as many were, when Atom announced they were coming out with protective gear specifically for roller derby. Then it came out and it seemed… foreign, people started saying it wasn’t good for anybody but the very elite of players. I was still interested but concerned that the knee pad didn’t have a plastic protective cap. The extra padding on the sides seemed really nice and as someone with a prior injury I was glad to see it. It seemed I wasn’t the only one concerned about knee pads and they released the above bad boy after getting back some feedback from early users of the knee pads. I am much more interested this time around but I don’t know anyone who has tested this version out.


I want to buy stuff, help me buy stuff!!!

Captain Hook’er