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We recently got back from the Phoenix ProRollerDerby Invitational. It was fun, I am from Arizona and it happened to be on Easter weekend so I got to see some of my family  and friends!

It could have totally been more fun if Kalamity and I weren’t feeling sick the whole time. I don’t know about you but I personally hate travelling when I don’t feel well. No hotel bed will feel the same as your own bed, even if it is more comfortable and has nicer pillows.

Not sick in the beginning of this trip!

I had started out with a scratchy throat at the beginning of the week. I did what any derby girl does; take lots of Emergence C then continue with my planning of having a great time in Phoenix hoping that it goes away.

Since Kalamity didn’t have any room for me with all of our merch in her car I patiently waited for STLJ to get home and then we took off!

Blythe getting schooled in Derby101

Once I got there poor Kalamity looked like she got hit by a truck. Great, we were both feeling crappy. At least there is makeup!!!

Now where the tournament was is NO WHERE near where I grew up. The tournament was in Glendale which is kind of like living on the edge of civilization. there isn’t much there but what is there is all brand new. Luckily it was lots of bars, alcohol makes everything better

There is also cotton candy the size of your HEAD! Literally.

We brought a bunch of NEW shiny merchandise with us see customers reactions and it can get kind of boring for us to have to keep offering the same stuff. Check out some of our new merchandise that we just did a photoshoot for. These things will hopefully be up on the website before the end of the month!

Occupy: Pivot Line! Available in men and women

Tab Waist Blue with Black Mesh Short

Close up of one of the color options for our new Varsity Sweaters!

Lead Jammer!! *said with English accent*

New Off the Shoulder Crop Sweater and Lead Jammer Tank

ooooohhhhhhh Shinny!

Even with all these rad offerings we still were sick, so we decided tequila, vodka and taking turns sleeping in the empty seat behind our booth would be the only way to stop it. Turns out Kalamity also needed allergy medication but we didn’t find that out until the last day….oops.

While manning our awesome booth, putting name and numbers on shirts and trying to look normal we also managed to catch some of the action!

View from the Vendor Area

Much better view from the spectator seating

The best part of the whole trip was getting to meet skaters we haven’t met yet. Everyone was super rad!!

After Party for the WIN!!!

We managed to survive the crazyness of the ProRollerDerby Invitational to make it back to California. Only to start getting ready for Battle for the Coast, April 21-22 in Ventura.

If you are there, stop by our booth, check out the new merchandise we debuted in Phoenix and wish me happy birthday!!!


Captain Hook’er