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My day was pretty good, we had a meeting this morning to discuss some stuff that has been going on, new merchandise, our upcoming trips, sales and our sponsored leagues (which we love). Then dropped off a machine to be serviced, ran some errands and generally enjoyed the beautiful Southern California afternoon we had today.

I am extremely lucky in that when I thought everything was falling apart in my life around me and I lost my real world job I didn’t panic. I was able to parlay my hobby, roller derby, into a career and a really great life. I am willing to argue that the people I have met in roller derby and through Progressive Derby Apparel are some of the most supportive, caring and genuine people in my life. However, as with any situation there are good days and bad days, there are also always going to be people that may not care for you or something you do. It is my feeling that if you try to be a positive person with good intentions, people will respect you regardless of differences.

Recently, we’ve noticed some conversations on Facebook related to PDA’s women’s ref side-panel tank top, comparing our top with a similar offering by IronDoll Clothing. PDA tries to maintain the highest integrity in both business and design. In addition, we have great respect for IronDoll and other derby apparel companies, particularly since IronDoll has been a pioneer in this market. PDA did not knowingly design a product to be similar to – or based on – designs by IronDoll.

That being said, we believe that our design is distinct enough from IronDoll’s that it would be a shame to scrap a product borne of our own efforts. When we heard about the comparison, we checked IronDoll’s website to see what the talk was about. We were not able to find a similar product in the company’s catalog and it wasn’t until we searched a reseller’s site that we found an item that could be considered similar. The only similarities, from what we can tell, are the stripes (it IS a ref jersey) and the black side-panels (which we feature on many uniform designs). Otherwise, our overall cut and design are different from IronDoll’s and consistent with PDA’s other offerings (e.g., sleeves, neckline, panels, etc.).

We welcome any questions, comments, or complaints – including those that come from our “competitors,” like IronDoll. PDA strives to be a conscientious competitor. Quality products from companies that care to create variety and selection for skaters. IronDoll provides a quality product and we regard the comparison as a compliment!

Since I mentioned earlier that we were discussing our new products this morning I would like to show off our new ref hoodie, available for men and women!

Zeeb Zip Up Hoodie

And Pinky P Okerface is modeling her new custom hoodie, with her league colors and specially requested star on her birthday today.

Have a good night!