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The rainy, windy, cold weather lately in Southern California is inspiring us over at Progressive Derby Apparel.

Some people enjoy the crappy weather

While we are bundling up we starting thinking, “Hey we aren’t the only people who are cold! We bet our customer are cold too (it is winter after all!) let’s help them keep warm too!”

So we decided we need to make HOODIES!

We are super stoke to start offering hoodies! The attendees of the San Diego Wildfires vs OCRG Blockwork game go a sneak peak of what we have planned.

We will now be offering zip up and pull over hoodie sweaters in several different colors: black, navy blue, grey and white with more to come. The sweaters will feature fun varsity style tackle twill lettering with your name and number down the sleeve included in the price. The lettering will come in several different stock color ways with the ability to customize for your favorite colors or league colors! We will also be offering these to leagues as part of a warm up suit with customize-able lettering and sleeves.

I bet your interested in seeing what we have been up to, without further ado onto the pictures!!!

Jammer with white on white lettering

Derby on grey pullover & red & white lettering

For every Rollergirl!

We put whatever you want on the other sleeve!

We have already started customizing them for our customers!

Pink with silver lettering for the lovely Dude!

Her name and number

Other side with logo

These are just some of what we have. We are also doing Blocker hoodies and Zeeb hoodies. We are bringing these with us to the Pro Roller Derby Invitational and Battle for the Coast so be sure to stop by our booths and try one of our new hoodies on. Pictures should be up on the website for online ordering before the Pro Invitational. In the meantime you can contact us to place an order via progressivederbyapparel@gmail.com.

What do you think of these sweet hoodies?? Is there something you would love to see or colors you think we should carry it in?? Don’t hesitate to let us know either here in the comments or via email!!

Stay Warm!

Captain Hook’er