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I know I know, I’ve totally been avoiding the blog and actually a lot of the internet the past week or so but I’m back!!!

Before we get to this weeks game I would just like to say I am stoked that when people search for “drag queen” our little blog comes up. I think that’s a win!

Previously we wanted to know if Electra Mayhem was a Roller Girl or a Drag Queen.

 64% said Roller Girl

12.5% said Drag Queen

23.44% said Both

Electra Mayhem is a roller girl with Green Mountain Derby Dames!

Electra Mayhem

They are the first WFTDA league in Vermont. Good Job the 64% of you that got that right.

Now, onto this weeks: Rollergirl or Drag Queen Name?!

Is Donna Matrix the name of a Roller Girl or a Drag Queen?

Is she a Drag Queen?


Roller Girl?

See you on the flip side,

Captain Hook’er