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Progressive Derby Apparel is gearing up for the spring and summer tournaments we are attending!! We have been making little changes since the beginning of the year to our websites, logos and product line to make sure we are putting our best foot forward.

Whenever we go anywhere we get asked where our clothing is from and if we make it ourselves. All of our shorts are made in house, shirts and jackets are blanks that are then finished by us with our original designs. A lot of pride goes into our products and we try to only provide quality products that we feel will stand up to the rigors of roller derby and life outside of roller derby. By making all of our products in house we can ensure that items are meeting the PDA standard.

Sometimes this means that my day is filled with measuring and cutting waistbands, checking on the status of orders or discussing changes on prototypes.

Just a peek at some of what we do in a week. These are the waistbands for some of the shorts we are taking with us to different events this spring. (there’s about 220 waistbands here)

Our tab waist shorts are made using “anti-muffin top technology”™ because pictures are a huge part of roller derby. (don’t believe me, check out this blog about photographers being roller derby’s 2nd cousin) With all of those photographs floating around the nooks and crannies of the internet you do not want to be caught looking bad. You especially don’t want muffin top! Anyone can get it in an unflattering position while blocking or being blocked, while you can’t help the crazy faces you can avoid muffin top with a pair of shorts made to help prevent it. :]

Use the shorts we work hard on to make sure your pictures always look fabulous!

Check it out!! NO MUFFIN TOP!!

(Don’t mind the goofy face)

Are you interested in avoiding the muffin top, supporting small business and buying products made in the USA? Then you should visit us at some of the events we will be attending in the coming months.

Such as:

Pro Roller Derby in Glendale, AZ

Battle for the Coast in Ventura, CA

RollerCon in Las Vegas, NV

Until then I will be working hard to make sure we are bringing quality products with us where ever we go. Don’t mind the complaints on Facebook. I still have the most fun working out of anyone I know.

This is how some days can feel

Hope to see you soon!

Captain Hook’er