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A few months ago Kalamity and I took a trip to see the Sugartown Invitational.  I went to go support Ms. Pinky Pokerface, you may know her as the smokin model on our website:

Isn't she cute!?!?

While we were there we met the radest chick I’ve met in derby in a long time, Killer Bunny Foo Foo!


I hadn’t seen her at any of the other Southern California bouts before and decided we should meet her. Kalamity and I went up to her like school girls and told her how rad we thought she was and where, oh where, has she been????? Turns out Foo Foo is from COLORADO!!! She was out here to skate at the Sugartown event.

Since we were so infatuated we decided she should be the

February Skater of the Month!

YAY!!!! Read more about Foo Foo below (like where the hell did a name like Killer Bunny Foo Foo come from) and check out more action shots of her doin her thing.

PDA)How long have you been playing roller derby?

KBFF)I’ve been playing for two years

PDA)What league(s) are you/have you been affiliated with?

KBFF)I started out on a league
in Greeley, Co – Slaughterhouse Derby Girls. I was with them for 8 months before I
went to the Choice City Rebels in Fort Collins, Co. I also skate with Missile Mountain
Roller Derby
(banked track) in Colorado Springs, and participate in as many pick-ups,
scrimmages, tournaments, and practices with other leagues around Colorado I can fit
into my schedule!

PDA)How did you discover roller derby?

KBFF)I have been skating my whole life – street
skating, speed skating, trick skating…I used to visit the local roller rink a couple times
a week growing up, and when I moved to New Jersey I fell out of it. I moved back to
Colorado three years ago and decided to try to find a roller rink to skate at. Google led
me to FoCo Girls Gone Derby, something I’d never heard of before…and I just knew I
had to be a part of it!

PDA)Who is a skater that you admire?
KBFF)Uber Alice. Two words. Hero. Derby Crush. OK, so three words.

PDA)What kind of skates do you wear?

KBFF)I wear bright green Antiks. Probably the greatest
things I’ve ever had on my feet.

PDA)How did you select your derby name and number?

KBFF)I’m always super bouncy and speedy and bunny-like, so I’ve had the nickname FooFoo for a couple years. Killer Bunny just seemed the best twist on it! My number is my birthdate.

PDA)When not derbying it up what do you do for a profession (companies can
remain anonymous)?

KBFF)I work as the department head of Registration Compliance
at a local company called Code Violation Services that researches Code Violations and
Registration Compliance on foreclosed/foreclosing/bank owned properties. Basically,
I do a lot of research, a lot of studying laws and requirements for foreclosures, building
information databases, and communication with mortgage servicers and municipalities
to ensure that foreclosed properties are taken care of.

PDA)What are your non-derby hobbies/activities/hidden talents?

KBFF)I like to model
in both pictures and runway, get body modifications, study law and criminal justice and
really, anything I’m interested in studying! I’m a total nerd.

PDA)What is something you are super embarrassed about your teenage years?

KBFF)That I wasn’t as accepting of myself as I am now. I couldn’t even look at people in the
eye back then!

PDA)Do you have Tattoos? If so what, where, and why?

KBFF)I do! I have a small line of
star signs on my left inner-bicep, one large green and black nautical star on each thigh
with a long tail. The left side’s tail is made up of math and logic signs to correspond with
the brain’s logical interpretation of the world. The right side is made up of constellation and star signs to correspond with the brain’s creative interpretations. I also have the Choice City Rebels red and black REBEL on my inner right bicep – a tattoo that most of the vets and league members have. I also have a Queer Pride flag in the shape of a heart with a little bunny shape cut out of the middle (so that it’s a flesh colored bunny) on my left wrist, and the rainbow bunny cutout on my right wrist. The last one is a Zombie bunny skull laying in a blood splatter with tallies of hugs on one ear bone and kills on the other. It has a clever buried in it’s skull for my first home team the June’s Clevers, and has a pair of green (my!) Antiks hanging out of it’s nose holes. There is a skate bearing with KBFF to one side, and a green and black jammer helmet to the right. That’s all for now. More to come!

PDA)What is your favorite movie (top 5 if you can’t choose)?

KBFF)Hmmm….Breakfast on Pluto, Whip It (gets me PUMPED!) Bud Abbot and Lou Costello Meet
the Mummy (or meet…anyone…), Bob Hope and Bing Crosby’s “Road To” series (I know
that’s like…20 movies…)…and The Secretary. Not in any particular order.

PDA)Do you have a pre-bout routine/snack?
KBFF)Nothing incredibly healthy or useful! I need to change that…

PDA)What article of clothing could you wear every day?

KBFF)A derby shirt. I love plugging derby wherever I go.

PDA)What is your favorite type of accessory to wear?

KBFF)I wear a skate bearing necklace everywhere. And generally a big fuzzy bunny spirithood.

PDA)What is the most comfortable thing to wear during a bout for you?

KBFF)My boutfit of choice is…a pair of fishnets, knee high socks, my jean mini-shorts, and a top with
my name and number.

Welcome to the PDA family Foo Foo!!! If you are in Colorado be sure to check this jammer out, she will leave an impression.

Captain Hook’er