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I am so happy that the Roller Derby World Cup happened! Not because I think it “legitimizes” a sport that pretty much has consumed my life. Nor am I of the group of people who think the WC will bring Roller Derby closer to the Olympics or being widely broadcasted on TV.

I’m glad the World Cup happened because I love Roller Derby and I love seeing the teams from all over the world get together with each other and their fans.

13 Teams from across the world came together to play:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden, and U.S.A.

I knew going in to this that modern roller derby originating in America would naturally give the U.S. Team an advantage but I was so excited to see what our counterparts from around the world had been up to in their own leagues. I was especially excited to see the  New Zealand and Australia teams after meeting so many Aussies and Kiwis at RollerCon this year.

However I wasn’t really expecting the HUGE blow outs of every game Team USA played and many of the others as well. It got to the point was depressing to watch and how much fun is winning a game by 528 point really? I was excited to see Australia score 4 points and it seemed like once they did everyone in Toronto watching was excited too.

The closest game all weekend was Sweden vs Finland with Finland winning by 26 points.

Knowing that USA and Canada are going to have an advantage because roller derby started in North America isn’t the same as actually seeing a slaughter of the other teams to try to get as many points as possible to be the number one seed.

I think all of the teams that played in the World Cup come away with everything they were looking for plus more. I want to see another World Cup with more countries represented and with tougher competition for the North America teams.

I hope that this was a learning experience and all of the teams will come back to provide all of those watching and playing really exciting games.

Captain Hook’er