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In September we held a contest on our Facebook page to celebrate the launch of our updated website the winner of the contest would receive a pair of our black tab waist shorts. We chose a winner at random the day the website went up and the winner was…Serial Mom # 87 of Strong Island Derby Revolution!!! wooohoo!!!
Founded in the spring of 2011, Strong Island Derby Revolution (SIDR) is an all womens flat-track roller derby league based out of Long Island, New York. Their debut bout is November 19th.

It is so awesome to see derby leagues popping up everywhere!

She was kind enough to send us a picture of herself rocking the PDA black pleather tab waist shorts while on the track and answer a few questions for us.

wearing PDA's black pleather tab waist shorts

Serial Mom aka Linda from Strong Island Derby Revolution

PDA) How long have you been playing roller derby?
Serial Mom) I’ve been playing roller derby for 3 1/2 seasons.

PDA)Who is a skater that you admire?
SM) I admire Anne Frankenstein of Gotham Girls Roller Derby. She plays for Manhatten Mayhem and for Wall Street Traitors. She is an awesome jammer/blocker. She makes it look so easy. She takes time out of her busy scedule to coach my team Strong Island Derby Revolution just for the love of derby. She has to be one of the strongest people (on and off the track) I have ever met.

PDA)What’s the best piece of advice you can offer to a new skater, joining derby for the first time?
SM)Work hard, don’t quit and don’t bitch

PDA)What kind of skates do you wear?
SM) 126’s

PDA)If you had to choose one thing about roller derby that makes it all worthwhile, what would it be?
SM) The team work and camaraderie

PDA) What is the most comfortable thing to wear during a bout for you
SM) Derby Skinz.

Hopefully we can change her mind about what to wear during bouts :]

Captain Hook’er M8T